CDK Global Partner Program

The Real Deal in Management Integration

Looking for a better way to manage deals and sales data?

Our Deal Management integration offerings include Desking, F&I Menu, Aftermarket Product Sales, F&I Sales/Performance Reporting and Deal CRM.

Each of our 45+ partner products in our CDK Partner Program offers Deal Management products that are empowered by our integration offerings.

Extract Open F&I Sales Data

Includes deals still pending as well as customer, vehicle and deal specifics.

Closed F&I Sales Data

Includes finalized deals as well as customer, vehicle and deal specifics. This typically includes more fields than in the open extract and is often used for reporting purposes.

WeOwe information is available as an add-on to both open and closed F&I sales data.

CDK Websites

CDK helps third parties (such as incentive providers) integrate into CDK websites through a standardized, supported and secure manner.


CDK provides bidirectional integration through the following predefined writeback packages:

  • Front Office Writeback Package
    • On-Demand extract of the following data types: customer data, pending and finalized sales data, service customers, service vehicles and open and closed repair orders
    • Writeback of customers, CDK Drive F&I and CDK Desking deals and credit application
  • F&I Menu/Aftermarket Product Sales Writeback Package
    • On-demand extract of open and closed sales data
    • Writeback of aftermarket products to open deals