CDK Digital Partners

Elevate Your Company as a CDK Digital Partner

You build beautiful website applications, and you want to make sure that they look great and run smoothly. Additionally, you would like to gain exposure to new customers.

Increased Exposure, Improved Performance, Incremental Business

That’s why CDK has established business relationships with select vendors in order to enhance product performance and expose your business to the vast network of CDK dealers.

Integrated Reporting, Invaluable Simplicity, Increased Trust

As a member of the CDK Global Partner Program, your access to dealerships and ability to simply, quickly and effectively integrate with existing CDK Websites will make you indispensable to your customers.

Also, this program will allow easier code updates and integrations, so you can be assured that your interface will look right. And, best of all, with integrated reporting of performance and application data, you can prove your value to the dealerships moving forward.

Additional Benefits for Digital Partners Joining the CDK Partner Program Include:

  • Decreased time to install new products
  • Better insight into site performance
  • Positive engagements with dealers
  • Faster resolution of issues
  • Different levels of engagement to best fit your needs

If this sounds like the kind of win-win proposition that your company would be interested in, sign up to become an approved partner.