CDK Total Dealer Spend Analysis

Reduce your dealerships spend


In today’s challenging marketplace, amidst the unprecedented economic and credit crisis we understand that dealers are looking closely at anything that can help reduce your dealership spend and drive more profit to your bottom line. This usually means looking at every expense…but what’s the best way to go about this?

Make sense of it all with an accurate analysis

This is where we can help. Only CDK has a proven process called the CDK Total Dealer Spend Analysis. We use this step-by-step approach to gather, analyze and present results that detail the areas in your dealership where you can begin reducing spend while offering ways to increase revenue and drive more profit to your bottom line. And, we do this analysis for free, whether you are an CDK client or not.

Step 1

Gather Information and Data

Once your dealership has decided to participate in the CDK Total Dealer Spend Analysis, your CDK representative will work with you to set up the necessary appointments with various members of your dealership staff. Some personnel may include your Controller, Sales Manager, General Manager, Internet Manager, IT Manager etc. During the interviews, we will review the charges listed below, and much more:

Non-Transactional Charges

  • Telephone Charges
  • Internet Charges
  • CRM
  • Lead Management
  • DMS Charges
  • IT/Infrastructure
  • Advertising/Radio
  • Direct Mail
  • Menu Selling
  • Used Vehicle Analysis

Transactional Charges

  • Outsourced Service Merchandise
  • Paper/Toner/Forms

Step 2

Step 3