Online Invoice Management

Save Time, Save Paper and Save a Stamp

Now, you can choose how you receive your CDK invoice. You can enroll in our full suite of services or just pick the options that work best for you—all at no extra charge.

Options include:

  • Online Invoice Management (OIM)
  • ePay (pay online)
  • Paperless Billing
  • Flat Rate Billing
  • Balance Forward Billing

Handling Your CDK Bill Just Got Easier


We’ve created a suite of options specifically with you in mind—to help make your payables easier. And, it’s all included at no extra charge.

You can manage your invoices online quickly and easily, spending less time on paperwork and more time on your customers.

  • Account snapshot – On the home page, you will see summaries of your total open invoices with aging reports, open payments, unapplied credit memos, account balances and any pending credit requests
  • Drill down to details – By clicking on each amount, you can drill down for even more detail—including sortable tables and the actual invoices
  • Online bill inquiry – Simply select the invoice or line item you have a question about or would like to dispute, and provide us with a few details—our billing department will take your request from there
  • Print or download your bill – You no longer have to store and search through paper copies if you don't want to—easily export the invoices to Microsoft® Excel or create a PDF
  • Search – Quickly locate past invoices with easy-to-use search functions
  • Automatic notifications – Set it up so you will be notified via email when a new invoice is posted

Sign up today to manage your invoices online or contact your CDK Account Specialist.

Pay Your Invoices Online


Current subscribers to Online Invoice Management can easily sign up for ePay, which is safe and secure. Only the user entering the information has access to the account information. And, payments are applied directly to the invoice of choice—immediately reducing your account balance.

Save the hassle of printing checks and mailing payments.

Sign up for ePay (Pay Online) today or contact your CDK Account Specialist.

Choose Paperless Today and Help Protect the Environment!

  • Increased security – The added security means you do not have to worry about mail delivery mistakes
  • More convenience – Conveniently receive your invoice online, instead of in the mail
  • Less paper– Save trees, energy and clutter by reducing paper

You can turn this option on or off as needed. It is safe, easy and green.

Sign up for Paperless Billing today or contact your CDK Account Specialist.

Flat Rate Billing Provides Convenience


This pricing option benefits those of you who sell and service multiple vehicle manufacturers by providing a set amount on your bill every month for monthly manufacturer updates. It can also benefit dealerships that see regular pricing fluctuations on monthly billing statements for laser printing usage. Choose Flat Rate Billing and plan ahead with a set amount on your bill every month.

Sign up for Flat Rate Billing today or contact your CDK Account Specialist.

See What’s New for Your Current Month’'s Bill


All the standard charges from the previous month are rolled into one line. And, you can still view the detail online anytime using Online Invoice Management.

Choose Balance Forward Billing to simplify your invoice and reduce the number of pages you have to review each month.

Sign up for Balance Forward Billing today or contact your CDK Account Specialist.