Relocation Services

Moving computers is a breeze with CDK's Relocation Services


Adding to or remodeling your dealership? Or are you moving to a new location? Then CDK’s Relocation Service is your answer.

Instead of asking employees to deinstall every computer in your dealership—then reinstall them later—let CDK’s Relocation Services take care of this for you. You can count on our Field Service Engineers to deinstall your equipment carefully. Once you move the computers and equipment to the new dealership or location, we’ll come back, and get everything put back together for you. In other words, relocating your computers is a breeze!

Let CDK get your systems back together after a move

Moving or remodeling your dealership means a lot of extra work for everyone. But with CDK’s Relocation Services, we can take two steps out of the equation:

  • We’ll carefully deinstall your equipment from its current location, getting it ready for the move
    Protects your equipment so you can get back up and running as easily as possible
  • Field Service Engineers reinstall computers and equipment after the move
    Ensures an easy transition to your new space
After a move or remodel, let CDK’s Relocation Services get your systems back together, quickly and easily.