Tent Sales

Expand your dealership locations with CDK’s Off-Site Sales Service


So, you want to have a tent sale! Call CDK’s Off-Site Sales Service first, so you can access your Dealer Management System (DMS), network, and more, ensuring a successful tent sale.

With our tent sale service, you’ll have access to all the same systems as your regular showroom. We’ll set up reliable access to your DMS, Internet, email, and more. It’s that easy to expand your dealership locations.

Get everything you need to run your dealership off-site

If you’re having a tent sale or auto show, you’ll want fast, easy access to everything you’d need to run your dealership from your regular showroom—but offsite. CDK’s tent sale service can help you get set up in no time. When you’re ready to run a tent sale, call us to:

  • Get high-speed access to your Dealer Management System (DMS), Internet, and email
    You’ll need two phone lines and electrical connections – that’s it!
  • Have us come to your site and set up all the equipment and connections
    Bring your own computers, or make it simple and lease ours
    Access your DMS and other technical systems remotely

CDK’s Off Site Sale Service will get you everything you need to run your dealership off-site and have a successful tent sale.