ADP Credit

Give Your Customers a Quick and Easy Credit Process

Do Salespeople in your dealership waste valuable time trying to find credit files or rekeying data while your customer waits?

With ADP Credit, you can reduce this lost time and reduce Sales defections with a faster, more accurate process. No more juggling multiple systems just to complete a deal—which means no more redundant costs or multiple vendors, either. ADP Credit speeds up your entire credit process, giving your customers a better buying experience.

The best part about ADP Credit is that it is included with our ADP Drive Dealer Management System (DMS)—free of charge.

All your credit-processing tools in one easy-to-use system

Getting a deal funded should not be a long and arduous process. So, ADP Credit gives you all your credit processing tools in one easy-to-use system that makes your entire credit process faster and more accurate. One system and one data entry step make it all happen—data transfers seamlessly within ADP Drive to speed up your Sales cycle.

  • Make sound credit decisions quickly and easily with Credit Check*
  • Receive consumer credit reports from all three bureaus instantly
  • Eliminate juggling between ADP Credit and DealerTrack, RouteOne and select Captive Finance providers with Credit Application Integration*
  • Send credit applications and receive lender decisions right from ADP Credit
  • Comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the USA Patriot Act
  • Red Flag* helps verify customers’ identities and spot fraudulent deals
  • OFAC* helps ensure customers are not on US terrorist watch lists
  • Adverse Action Letters let your customers know why they have been denied credit (included)
  • Disclosure Form tells applicants their credit scores and the importance of receiving credit (included)
  • *optional

ADP Credit puts all your credit processing tools in one easy-to-use system, so it’s never been faster or easier to process accurate deals from start to finish.

Make the most of your system investment with FREE ADP Credit training!

We are pleased to offer free training on our centralized credit-processing tool, ADP Credit. You will learn how to:

  • Run credit bureau inquiries
  • Open red flag inquiries
  • Manage Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) inquiries
  • Access credit disclosure and adverse action letters
  • Transmit credit applications to lenders
  • Complete deals using e-contracting (Ford and Toyota RouteOne dealers only)

Simplify your credit processing by centralizing access and file storage. ADP Credit comes with adverse action letter templates and credit disclosure forms to help simplify consumer credit communications. Plus, it is included with the latest ADP DMS software at no additional charge!