ADP Credit & Compliance Tools

Streamline Credit and Compliance in Your F&I Workflow

Keeping track of the many tasks involved in today's vehicle transactions can be time-consuming.

ADP Credit & Compliance Tools is embedded within your workflow to simplify, control and track the timely completion of required tasks—helping to minimize risk, support cashable contracts, and offer a streamlined, secure consumer experience. The cost of non-compliance and missed steps is something dealers cannot afford, as the penalties are significant.

This robust credit and compliance solution offers:


ADP Credit & Compliance Tools can help your F&I department

  • Smooth process – Eliminate “patchwork” solutions from multiple providers
  • Unique features – Deliver information on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Accountability and integration – Provide real-time status of compliance tasks
  • Embedded, consistent workflows – Improve your adverse action selection criteria, adverse action mailing, and tracking of cash deals
  • Simple and consistent – Simplify training with a consistent look and feel across all stores in a dealer group

Advantages for a General Manager:

  • Control and execution – Easily set up the deal compliance tasks your dealership will track
  • Auditing – Know, at a glance, how many of your actual F&I deals complied with your policies
  • Accountability and simplicity – Drill down into your gaps to find which transactions or F&I Managers are not following your policies

Advantages for an F&I Manager:

  • Comprehensive information, at a glance – When working a deal, instantly view which tasks are complete and which tasks are open
  • Routine – Have a consistent method to log how exceptions were cleared
  • Speed and simplicity – Get one-touch access to run any missing transactions