Business Intelligence Solutions

Make Smarter Decisions with the Right Data

To ensure you are making the right decisions for the long-term success, you need to have the best financial information available, organized in a way that can highlight both successes and opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Business Intelligence can help you can gain more insight into:

  • Overperforming or underperforming dealership locations
  • How to optimize profit or productivity from your critical dealership operating areas
  • Your monthly financials to make the most profitable decisions
  • Similar operations or industry averages, which you can use for comparison

No longer will you have to rely on manual data collecting and reporting or making decisions based on past events. We give you the tools needed for successful dealership management using information from multiple sources. Turning data into relevant actionable information can help you make better decisions.


webComposite® Snapshot

Get a clear, detailed analysis of your financial data

webComposite® Snapshot is mainly targeted at single-point dealerships or executives and managers of enterprises, who want to quickly and efficiently:

  • Review a financial snapshot of their most critical dealership operating areas
  • Assess current month performance trends compared to previous months
  • Compare key metrics against industry benchmarks
  • Calculate suggested performance improvement opportunities to help increase productivity and make better informed decisions


Decision Support