Benchmark Your Financial Enterprise Performance for Improved Productivity and Decision Making Capabilities

CDK’s webComposite® is mainly targeted to multiple location dealership executives and managers that want the ability to easily benchmark their financial performance against industry averages, dealer 20 groups performance, and even across their own dealership locations side-by-side.


Make Better Enterprise Wide Financial Decisions by Having the Right Information at Your Fingertips

webComposite® is compatible with all Dealer Management System (DMS) platforms and the information is updated monthly as financial statements are submitted, processed, and made available online in order to quickly access performance data.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Clear, concise, detailed analysis of financial data
  • Web-based access from anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Easy drill-down navigation and detailed historical trend analysis
  • Flexibility to select dealerships, regions or averages
  • Easy download to Excel
  • Graphical operational and departmental overviews that highlight success factors and outline opportunities

Through the use of detailed line item comparisons that highlight enterprise success factors ― and opportunities for greater success― webComposite can help you increase productivity and make better, more informed decisions. In this environment every choice you make is crucial to the success of your enterprise. webComposite can help you make the right decisions.