CDK Drive Flex

Finally, a Dealer Management System with Pricing That Works for You!

CDK Drive Flex offers pricing that adapts to your business activity — a first among DMS offerings — with a low up-front investment. Think of it this way: rather than having a fixed monthly amount due, Drive Flex pricing adjusts with your business and provides a clear line of sight for business planning and growth.
  • Drive Flex features an intuitive design that's easy to learn and use — accessible through any browser — and allows for easy integration with other software offerings
  • The web-based architecture lessens infrastructure requirements while still providing all the capabilities required to manage operations for one-and two-store dealerships
  • Provides real-time business insights that will help you make confident fact-based business decisions
  • Installation can be done remotely, and takes just a few hours — reducing downtime and business disruptions
For one-and two-store dealers, Drive Flex can be a real game changer. Fill out the form on the right to learn more.