CDK Drive


CDK Drive – Not Every DMS is Created Equal

When choosing a Dealer Management System (DMS), look closely at the complete offering—you need a solution that helps drive profitable results while also providing a great customer experience.

Experience 2.0

The 2.0 experience offers cutting-edge functionality, including the ability to have updates and new releases installed on your DMS automatically—without any human interaction at your dealership. Your workflow will not be disrupted, and you can take advantage of new, configurable features, which can be enabled or disabled dependent on your business preferences. A simple, sleek interface gets the work done.

Single portal environment

CDK Drive boasts a single portal environment that represents a leap forward in dealership technology. This innovative interface gives you access to what you need to help lower expenses, drive revenue and increase profits in every department.


It’s easy to access training

CDK Learning Connect benefits your dealership and your employees by providing direct access to a wide range of CDK-specific training offerings.