Make more money in your Parts department with CDK Drive DMS for Parts

Do you need to make more money in your Parts department? Then look no further than Drive Parts. CDK Drive DMS for Parts gives you immediate access to information needed to track Parts sales, manage inventory, track and monitor employee productivity, your top purchasing customers, ensure warranty parts returns, and more. Parts include Invoicing, Inventory, and Ordering functions, so it’s easier than ever to make more money in your Parts department.

Sell more parts, make better inventory decisions, and control obsolescence

Take advantage of Drive Parts, and you’ll:

  • Sell more parts for both front counter sales and repair orders with Parts Invoicing and Purchase Order Integration
    • Parts detail includes total available on hand, pricing, bin location, Special Order information, and more
    • Fewer steps to issuing a purchase order on counter sales
  • Reduce obsolete parts and make better decisions about which parts to stock with Parts Inventory
    • Automated Special Order tracks Special Order Parts that have been received but not picked up or installed; provides up-to-the-minute reports to help control one of the biggest reasons for obsolescence
    • Complete inventory detail is available in one click
    • Set up ordering and stocking controls to make sure you get the right part at the right time
  • Make ordering parts easy and automatic with Parts Ordering
    • Order, receive, and sell Special Order parts from one easy-to-use system
    • Get status updates in real-time
  • New! Control who can override costs, protecting your profit margins, with Security Overrides
    • Event Tracking lets you minimize profit losses when you manage Parts Maintenance entries
  • Reduce expense of warranty claim rejections with Warranty Parts Tracking
    • No more missing parts from a repair order, reducing rejected claims
    • Automatically track warranty parts from receipt to return
  • Add environmental and delivery fees to orders automatically with Fee Codes
    • Protect cost levels and gross profits by ensuring additional fees are included in costs for batteries/special orders

With the Drive Parts from CDK, it’s never been easier to sell more parts, make better inventory decisions, and control obsolescence.