CDK Parts Delivery Management

Automatically Track Status of Customer Parts Orders/Invoices

If your Parts department is spending time manually tracking down the delivery status of Parts Orders/Invoices over and over you’re probably wasting a lot of valuable time that could be spent selling more Parts. With CDK's Parts Delivery Management solution, you can confidently electronically monitor and track customer orders/invoices from the point-of-sale through the warehouse to delivery.

You’ll find all your key Parts Order/Invoice information in one simple Smart Desk screen. It’s easy to view real-time work-in-progress throughout the day and allows management to view orders entered, and carryovers from previous day, plus order picked, verified, and loaded at a glance. Easily identify and correct issues with orders as soon as the order misses the specified time criteria.

If your customers want an update on their orders, you can answer inquires quickly and accurately, leading to increased customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and profitability.

Boost Productivity, Reduce errors, and Maintain Profits

With CDK’s Parts Delivery Management solution, you get more than a tool that just monitors parts delivery. You’ll get an easy-to-use solution that helps boost productivity, reduce errors, and maintain profits:

  • Automates the Management and Tracking of Customer Parts Orders
    • Increases warehouse manager’s ability to boost employee productivity.
  • Generates pick tickets by warehouse bin and zone
    • Increases productivity by allowing you to pull multiple parts from multiple zone warehouse locations at the same time.
  • Reduce errors by having the ability to verify all parts have been picked and staged for delivery
    • Reduces incorrect parts or incomplete customer orders from being shipped.
  • Automatically generate shipping manifests
    • Reduces orders being loaded on wrong carrier/delivery vehicle.
  • Fully integrated to the CDK Drive Parts Application
    • When combined with the CDK Drive Parts Application, it provides warehouse management full parts inventory/invoicing capabilities.
    • Helps reduce redundant spend by not having to purchase third party warehouse management system.
  • Robust reporting provides customization of Delivery Management reports to meet the specific needs of the parts or warehouse manager
    • Maintain profits by tracking cycle time and efficiency of employees.

CDK’s Parts Delivery Management solution provides flexible options fitting all sizes and configurations of parts warehouses. Scanning options are available for even greater tracking accuracy.