Dispatch technicians and move Service paperwork faster with CDK’s Electronic Repair Order (ERO)

Your technician finishes a repair, and instead of moving right on to the next job, he walks to the service manager’s desk, finds the paperwork, and walks back to his bay—an inefficient process to say the least. Instead, let CDK’s Electronic Repair Order (ERO) make the dispatching and repair order processes automatic and easy.

ERO is easy-to-use system that assigns repairs to technicians automatically, based on their availability, skills, and so on. You can also use ERO to transfer service and parts paperwork between service advisors, technicians, and cashiers. The results: you can dispatch technicians and move service paperwork faster, getting more done in less time.

Service work-flow is faster with Electronic Repair Order

Eliminate paper shuffling. Assign work to technicians automatically. Run your entire Service department more efficiently with CDK’s Electronic Repair Order (ERO):

  • Create a faster work-flow, letting service advisors book more service and technicians repair more vehicles
  • - Dispatch technicians to their next job automatically, based on skills, productivity, and scheduling

  • Reduce or eliminate manual tasks and wasted time
  • - Transfer paperwork electronically to improve productivity

  • Train new employees in no time with our easy-to use system
  • Make your customers happier
  • - Give accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing and vehicle status
    - Have invoices ready when your customers arrive to pick up their vehicle

You can also work with ASC Retail Consulting to review your Service department operations. We’ll help service advisors book more business and technician make more repairs—all by making ERO work hard for your dealership.

With ERO, service work-flow is faster, and technicians can get more done in less time.