Increase productivity and revenue with CDK’s ServicePricing

If your service advisors are spending too much time chasing down parts and labor pricing instead of helping customers, you need CDK’s ServicePricing.

This easy-to-use system lets you look up accurate and complete manufacturer parts and vehicle data electronically, making it fast and easy to find service and labor pricing information. The increase in productivity means service advisors help more customers, technicians repair more vehicles, and parts managers are freed up to focus on inventory management.

ServicePricing can help increase revenue with tools that recommend related repairs and scheduled maintenance, too. Available for more than 30 brands, you can add ServicePricing to your PC or CDK Dealer Management System (DMS).

Find accurate, updated manufacturer parts and vehicle data electronically

CDK’s ServicePricing gives you accurate, updated manufacturer parts and vehicle data from your CDK DMS or PC. You’ll never again waste time tracking down the right pricing information when you could be helping a customer. ServicePricing can also give your dealership a revenue boost with:

Related Repairs – automatically see recommendations for service that should be completed with other repairs

  • Each service operation averages five related repairs
  • If you generate just one $70 related repair each day, you could add more than $52,000 in service revenue annually

Scheduled Maintenance – find suggested preventive maintenance for every vehicle that comes through your service bay

  • Create repeat business when you suggest manufacturer-recommended maintenance at the right interval.

Only ServicePricing from CDK helps you find accurate, updated manufacturer parts and vehicle data electronically, so it’s faster and easier than ever to get your customers the pricing they need. Better still, ServicePricing gives you additional tools to boost your revenues, too.