Meet all your document scanning needs with CDK’s DS 6770 Scanner

While you probably produce most of your dealership forms electronically, you likely have some stragglers you still print and file. With CDK’s DS 6770 Scanner, you can quickly and easily scan these forms, store them electronically, and drastically reduce paper storage costs for your dealership.

This easy-to-use scanner will work with virtually any form in your dealership, including credit card receipts and full-sized legal documents up to 34” long. Two sided scans are no problem either. The DS 6770 Scanner from CDK helps you meet all your document scanning needs with just the click of a button.

Image processing and correction software improves document readability

In addition to its document capacity and one-click access, CDK’s DS 6770 Scanner includes special software that makes your scanned documents crystal clear:

  • Make images easier to see with Image Processing and Correction software
  • - Read important text on carbon copies, which are typically hard to read once scanned
    - Define text with Image Emphasis

  • Remove speckles, dust, and particles with Noise Removal tool
  • - Cleaner documents are easier to read

    But that’s not all. The DS 6770 Scanner includes other tools that improve your document readability, so your electronically stored documents are as easy to understand as the originals.