Store your dealership data in a safe, secure environment with CDK’s Mass Storage

Your dealership could be wasting hours every month moving stacks of disks into a storage solution—then hunting through those files to track down needed files. But with CDK’s Mass Storage, that is a thing of the past.

Mass Storage lets you back up your data to CDK’s Document Management Archiving application, making it easy to store files and fast to retrieve them. And because your data is stored offsite with CDK, there’s no need to worry about safety, security, or lost files.

When you store your dealership data in CDK’s safe, secure environment, you’ll save time and money every month.

Store your data safely, securely with CDK’s Mass Storage

Instead of spending 5-10 hours (or more) every month backing up data to optical disks, you can migrate your files electronically to CDK’s Mass Storage. If you need a stored file, it’s no problem—all your data is available to you immediately through our ASP-hosted Document Management Archiving application. CDK’s Mass Storage also lets you:

  • Save time and money
  • - Electronic transfer of files to Mass Storage; no optical disks to purchase or create
    - Online access to information 24/7; no hunting through stacks of disks to find historic information

  • Improve data security
  • - CDK automatically backs up your data to multiple hard drives
    - Removable tape media also available if needed for full disaster recovery

  • Make your document management job simpler
  • - Mass Storage is fully integrated with CDK’s document management applications
    - No third-party software required

    And, as your business grows, there’s no need to worry about extra space for storing files. CDK’s Mass Storage can accommodate your need for extra capacity. In other words, it’s easy to store your data safely and securely with our Mass Storage application.