Not ready to start using Data Archiving?

Although offered as a standard part of the DA package, Reports Archiving is also available on it’s on as a starter data management solution for your CDK reports only.

Safe, inexpensive reports storage with CDK’s Reports Archiving

Creating, printing, and storing your business reports is a costly, time-consuming process. Worse, files can be lost or damaged once you get them into boxes for storage. But with CDK’s Reports Archiving, you can eliminate those worries and costs with our safe, inexpensive reports storage.

Reports Archiving lets you generate your month-end business reports electronically, then send them to an archive without ever touching a piece of paper. You’ll save countless hours at the end of the month, maintain the quality of your files, and make it easy to find them again when you need them.

Store reports electronically to save hours at month-end

At the end of every month, you spend untold hours printing business reports to reams of paper, only to put them in a box, make a trip to offsite storage, and never look at them again. Instead, let CDK’s Reports Archiving generate and store reports electronically, and you’ll:

  • Save time at month-end by sending electronic files to archive instead of waiting for the printer
  • - Accounting schedules, journals, and other month-end processes close in a fraction of the time

  • Reduce costs for:
  • - Off-site space rentals
    - Paper
    - Printing supplies

  • Find files quickly and easily with organized storage
  • - Monthly-related files stay together
    - No more lost or damaged paperwork
    - Reports accessible from your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS) and every PC in your dealership

    Only CDK’s Reports Archiving lets you store reports electronically to save hours at month-end while improving organization and reducing costs for your dealership.