Call Connect provides an alternative to your current local and long distance provider and allows your dealership to make and receive calls using a high capacity T1 line and your existing phone system.

Additionally, instead of having separate circuits for your data and Internet, all three (voice, data and Internet) can be supported by Call Connect.

Why pay for separate voice and data circuits? Call Connect provides dial tone and Internet connectivity, plus it supports secure data connections to manufacturers and CDK’s DMS ASP data center.

With virtually unlimited* local and long distance calling there’s no more guessing what your phone expenses will be each month because Call Connect is billed at the same determined amount each month. You don’t have to worry about Call Connect interfering with your Internet connection, as the dedicated T1 line ensures your email and Internet connections are not impacted.

*CDK studies indicate that dealerships average 500 minutes of usage per phone each month. The Call Connect plan provides 1,500 minutes of usage per phone, pooled by the total number of phones at the site.

CDK’s Call Connect provides your dealership local and long distance phone service by utilizing a high capacity T1 line, a router and your existing phone system.

With this solution, you can:

  • Have an accurate phone budget month-to-month with a fixed amount for local and long distance calls
  • Enjoy a simple easy to understand monthly bill
  • Receive caller ID and 911 connectivity
  • Maintain your existing phone numbers

Put your trust in the leader in dealership phone systems. Since 2002, we have been providing local and long distance phone services, with a complete solution that includes equipment, support and maintenance. Currently over 73,000 users across more than 900 car and truck dealerships utilize CDK Network Phone.

Call Connect is backed by CDK’s support team, providing you a worry free economical local and long distance phone service.

Enhance the benefits of Call Connect with Call Tracking, a solution that gives you the ability to track incoming calls and measure marketing performance.