Track incoming calls and measure marketing performance with CDK’s Call Tracking

When customers call your dealership, wouldn’t you like to know exactly which ad prompted them to call? With CDK’s Call Tracking, you can answer that question.

As a Call Tracking client, you’ll purchase national 800-numbers, which are yours for life. Create marketing collateral, and use one of these numbers for each ad or direct mail piece. When customers call, you’ll know exactly which ad generated the lead, so you can repeat successful campaigns in the future.

Better still, you’ll get accurate contact information for each caller, know the length of every call, and track the result of every lead. With CDK’s Call Tracking, it’s never been easier to track incoming calls and measure marketing performance.

Build better sales and marketing processes

CDK’s Call Tracking lets you purchase the 800-numbers you’ll need for your marketing collateral so you can start measuring performance. You’ll get an easy-to-use reporting tool to build better sales and marketing processes:

  • Capture customer information like:
  • - Where the lead came from (which ad, email, direct mail, etc.)
    - Callers’ contact information (name, address, phone number, email)
    - Length of the call (gauge interest)
    - Call result (Sales or Service appointment booked, etc.)

  • Measure marketing performance with:
  • - Total leads generated by each campaign
    - Your cost per advertising medium
    - Best advertising sources
    - Track how salespeople are using the leads you give them (follow-ups, closed deals, etc.)

  • Record all incoming calls, so you can:
  • - Review for customer satisfaction
    - Help staff develop better phone techniques
    - Train new-hires by listening to successful calls

Call Tracking lets you collect and analyze all of this information, and more, so you can build better sales and marketing processes—which result in more leads and more revenue for your dealership.