Network Phone Xpress

CDK’s Automotive Dealership Hosted Phone System that helps increase customer satisfaction, drive revenue, and boost employee productivity

With CDK Network Phone Xpress, you can rely on CDK for the reliable phone service you need to run your business effectively.

Better still, you can integrate your phone with your CDK business applications, helping you increase customer satisfaction, drive revenue, and boost productivity. The local phone company can’t do that!

Powerful integration with your CDK business solutions

Make the most of your CDK Network Phone Xpress with these powerful, integrated CDK business solutions that help you drive more revenue throughout your dealership.

Call Intelligence ASP Premier

Generate more leads, track advertising and marketing spend, and take control of how calls flow through your dealership with Call Intelligence ASP Premier.

  • Call Tracking
  • Assign a unique number to a marketing campaign, then track calls that campaign generates. Quickly capture lead information, transfer to CDK CRM, and make your next campaign even more successful.

  • Call Intelligence
  • Track every call into your dealership, then run reports to monitor and measure employee performance, call flow, and more. Call Intelligence reports let you understand when customers are most likely to call, helping you make staffing and scheduling decisions to support call volume and flow.

CTI Desktop

Improve customer satisfaction and boost employee productivity with:

  • Screen Pop
  • Know who’s calling before you pick up the phone. Screen pops display on your screen, and in one click, you can open the Full Customer View screen from your CDK DMS.

  • Click-to-Call for CTI Desktop
  • Open a customer record from your Dealer Management System (DMS), then click to call, saving employees time with every call.

Deliver superior customer service with CDK Network Phone Xpress

Designed for single-site dealerships with up to 32 phones, CDK Network Phone Xpress lets you:

  • Track marketing performance with integration between your phone and your CDK DMS and CDK CRM
  • Increase service and sales revenue with easy-to-access reports to measure employee performance and more
  • Greet callers by name with “Screen Pops” that alert you to who’s calling, then let you access the full customer view screen in one click
  • Simplify technology management by replacing expensive, complicated phones with this easy-to-use Cisco IP (Internet Protocol) phone system
  • Improve customer service with the Network Phone Xpress Auto Attendant, which delivers your customers’ calls to the right department or employees, every time

With CDK Network Phone Xpress, you get a fully-featured phone system that lets you deliver superior customer service.