Network Solutions

Turn Your Network Into a High-Performing Asset

If your network isn’t working the way you’d like, you’re stuck troubleshooting through unstable connectivity and slow transactions while still worrying about security and data breaches. This easy-to-follow, e-book can help. Pump IT Up helps you manage all the moving parts of a well-functioning network, including design, deployment, security and maintenance.


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CDK offers a wide variety of network solutions to support your connectivity and security efforts. Whether you’re looking for a range of technologies to enable you to connect your network or if you need help protecting your dealership's information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure and disruption, CDK has the right solution for your auto dealership.

Network Security – Top Five Security Tips For Today's Dealerships

In today’s environment, security of your network can’t be overlooked. Pressures from your OEM, local and national government compliancy regulations, plus the concerns of an Internet attack or data theft leave dealers wondering if they are taking the right measures to protect their investment.

Find out more in CDK’s article, Top Five Security Tips [PDF]