CDK's GetWired Internet Manager

Protect your dealership by controlling Internet use with CDK’s GetWiredSM Internet Manager

Though you may not like it, employees will visit websites not related to your dealership during business hours. But with CDK’s GetWired Internet Manager, you can control the sites your employees visit, protecting your dealership and network, and keeping non-productive Internet use to a minimum.

GetWired Internet Manager is a complete solution that lets you block access to certain types of websites, like adult content, gambling, music downloading, and so on. Internet Manager also gives you reports on when and how the Internet is used in your dealership. By controlling Internet use to business-only sites, you can protect your dealership and help keep your network secure, free from viruses, and at peak speed.

Monitor, manage, and report on employee Internet use

With GetWiredSM Internet Manager, you’ll get all the tools you need to keep your dealership network secure and running at peak speed. Our system is powered by Websense®, a complete security and content filtering solution, so you can:

  • Block or permit access to certain types of websites
  • Helps keep your network secure and free from viruses
  • Maintains bandwidth by limiting non-business related surfing and downloading
  • Minimizes employee downtime
  • Set up access based on user, department, or time of day
  • Limit file downloads that would take up too much bandwidth
  • Take advantage of Advanced Filtering to block pop-up and banner ads as well as instant messaging

You’ll also get easy-to-use Internet Manager reporting tools so you can monitor and manage employee internet use—it’s never been easier to identify potential problem sites or bandwidth issues.