CDK's GetWired

Secure, continuous Internet access with CDK’s GetWired

You rely on the Internet to keep your business up and running. But if dealing with yet another third-party is draining your resources, CDK’s GetWired can help.

With GetWired, you get secure, always-on Internet access, directly from CDK. It’s easy to access your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS), connect with your manufacturers, and send/receive data as you need. We use Cisco Systems® security technology to make sure your dealership network is protected from viruses, spyware, and so on. More, you’ll get virtual private network (VPN) access with CDK, giving you practically instant support the moment you need it.

Protected access to the Internet from a single provider

Now there’s no need to manage a separate Internet Service Provider (ISP) from your DMS. CDK’s GetWired, acts as your ISP, giving you:

  • ISP service options with always-on Internet access
  • Choose the business-grade options right for your dealership
  • Cisco Systems® PIX or IOS firewall protection and monitoring
  • Helps keep your DMS and network resources protected from viruses, spyware, and other intruders
  • VPN access directly to CDK
  • Gives you fast, easy support and application upgrades
  • Secure connections to manufacturer websites and applications
  • Quickly and easily transfer data, reports, and more

Without managing multiple technology vendors, you’ll realize lower costs and improved productivity. And you’ll get protected access to the Internet, your manufacturers, and CDK.