Remote Access VPN

Take your work with you: CDK’s GetWired Remote Access VPN

If you’ve got offsite employees, telecommuters, vendors, or consultants who need secure, reliable access to your dealership’s network, then you need CDK’s GetWired Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When working remotely, all you’ll need is a computer and an Internet connection. CDK takes it from there, giving remote PCs easy access to your dealership network, dealer management system (DMS), customer relationship management (CRM) tools, email, and more. The results: lower costs when your vendors and employees can work remotely, and greater productivity when you can take your work with you.

We give you two options for connecting to your network from offsite locations: e-VPN Remote Access and Hosted Remote Access. We’ll help you pick the right solution for your dealership needs, size, and budget, so you can take your work with you.

Stay connected from anywhere with CDK’s GetWired Remote Access VPN solutions

Simply create a Remote Access VPN for your dealership, and let your vendors or consultants access dealership data from anywhere. Or take your work home. As long as your employees or vendors have an Internet connection, they can stay connected from anywhere with CDK’s GetWired Remote Access solutions:

  • Remote access for up to five users with Hosted Remote Access
  • - We handle system administration with the same network equipment and security you’d expect from CDK
    - CDK supports all end users
    - Eliminate on-site hardware installation from your dealership, reducing your costs

  • Larger dealerships need e-VPN Remote Access for 5-100 remote users
  • - Dealership IT manager handles system administration and user support
    - CDK provides any necessary training for e-VPN equipment, provided by Cisco Systems®
    - Advanced security for your system provided by CDK

Only CDK’s GetWired Remote Access gives you all the security, connectivity, and support you need to take your work with you and stay connected to the dealership’s network.

Remote Access VPN Download

If you have purchased either Remote Access VPN or Hosted Remote Access, you will need to login with your user i.d. and password to download and install the VPN client software on your remote PC. The download link is on the CDK DealerSuite members home page.

Access VPN Download