Unified Threat Management Appliance

UTM Appliance Overview

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance is a combination of network-level security devices that help protect your network from security threats, improve your staff's productivity and help protect the flow of information to and from your customers. When combined with CDK's optional Network Security Center it can provide comprehensive security management to help your dealership in its regulatory compliance efforts.

Unfortunately, conventional network protection systems, such as firewalls and/or hosted security applications, can either be limited in their ability to inspect network traffic or challenging to implement and manage.

UTM Appliance provides cost-effective, easy to implement network-level protection and content filtering at the network edge with real-time performance. The system's capabilities are supported by an industry leading eight ICSA-certifications including virus protection and content filtering, along with network-level services including firewall and intrusion prevention. In addition UTM Appliance has ICSA-certifications for Antivirus detection, Antivirus cleaning and Antispyware detection. With the addition of the CDK Network Security Center, detailed customizable reporting of the UTM appliance is available to you on your command.

Network Security Center

In a world of growing Internet security threats, critical data is exposed to thousands of malicious attacks everyday without us knowing it. Many dealerships do not have the time, resources, or knowledge to adequately secure customer data on their own.

The Network Security Center provides real-time information from the UTM Appliance on your network security throughout the dealership. A dedicated Security Operations Center proactively monitors your network devices and notifies you when a critical security event takes place. To help your dealership with its regulatory compliance, the Network Security Center provides robust reporting tools that assist you in your compliance efforts.

When alerts are triggered, an CDK Network Security professional will investigate and contact you regarding the issue. With UTM Appliance and Network Security Center, you get:

  • Information the way you want with customizable dashboards
  • Easy-to-use reports help you troubleshoot network slowness, potential viruses, malware and more
  • Ability to view events in near real-time to solve issues as they arise
  • Up-to-date reporting to assist you in your efforts to satisfy state and federal laws (GLBA & PCI) compliancy

By combining UTM Appliance and Network Security Center to your dealership's security program, you have the tools and reports to help you easily manage your dealership's exposure risks.

Mountain View Chevrolet increases network security

In 39 days, the CDK UTM Appliance blocked:

  • 243 files, viruses, and spyware
  • 286 intrusions
  • 36 spam messages

In Tennessee, Mountain View Chevrolet is part of a larger group with three Chattanooga locations—the Chevrolet dealership, along with Ford and Nissan stores on the same block. The group also operates a free-standing used car store and a Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH) location in Tennessee, along with a Nissan location in Oxford, Alabama.

Recently, Mountain View installed CDK’s UTM Appliance, or Unified Threat Management. The UTM Appliance is a combination of network-level security devices that help protect dealerships’ networks from outside security threats, like viruses and spyware, while also improving employee productivity by restricting Internet access to business-related websites.

Lynne Rose, IT manager, stated that although the dealerships had an existing firewall to protect the network, “we could really only resolve security issues once they caught our attention, and often we never knew there was a potential problem until it was too late.” She continued, “as part of our IT compliance process with General Motors, we needed a more aggressive security solution.”

UTM Appliance’s smooth installation starts protecting network from unseen threats in first days

Rose comments that the UTM Appliance installation was an easy process that required almost no network downtime. “It was really great. CDK worked with GM to make sure our network settings were configured correctly, so I didn’t need to handle the research and updates. Then CDK handled the installation completely. We had less than 30 minutes of downtime, and everything was really easy, really smooth.”

Rose notes that CDK checked with Mountain View continually during the first weeks following installation, ensuring that all business-related information was allowed into the dealership, while keeping malicious data outside the network. “Once we were up and running, it was alarming how many attempted threats there were to our network—and we didn’t even know about them until we had UTM Appliance,” says Rose. The security center proactively monitors and prevents the attempted threats, instead of allowing them through.

Beyond preventing network security threats, Rose notes that UTM Appliance has also resolved some email and other issues inside the dealership’s network. She concludes: “We’re very happy with UTM Appliance, and would recommend it to other dealerships that need to meet IT standards. It’s very easy to use, and very simple to install.”