Advertise the Right Messages at the Right Times

The world of automotive digital advertising is a noisy, chaotic space. It’s easy for shoppers to get distracted. Our multi-channel dealer advertising solutions helps keep your dealership on your customers’ minds all throughout the customer journey.


Many shoppers show up at your lot, look around and eventually leave. Wouldn’t you like to give them another look at your inventory or reinforce your value proposition after they’ve left?

ReTargeting allows you to re-engage with visitors to your website by serving them display ads as they continue to browse thousands of their favourite websites. And it’s effective too. Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click your ad and four times more likely to convert than new customers.

  • Dynamic inventory integration shows the vehicles on your lot that a shopper previously viewed on your website
  • Target consumers in the later stages of their shopping journey
  • Coverage for new, used, certified pre-owned and brand
  • Designated Digital Advertising Analyst
  • In-depth campaign reporting
  • Available in English and French

ReTargeting lets you keep your brand in front of your shoppers – even after they leave your site – giving you a second chance to make a first impression.


PowerSearch helps you attract local shoppers to your dealership. You can customize campaigns for new or used vehicles, certified pre-owned vehicles, service, parts and even financing.

  • Flexibility – Create targeted, customized campaigns for new and used inventory
  • Efficient bidding technology – Continuously optimize campaigns on the three most important search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Bing, for the highest ROI
  • Multi-brand coverage – Support all of your brands with one package
  • Dedicated Digital Advertising Analyst – Create the most effective strategy with our expert advice
  • In-depth campaign reporting – Get the insight needed to achieve your goals

We are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, carefully selected for years of in-depth paid search advertising expertise and the ability to provide full-service campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support, and broad marketing guidance.

PowerSearch puts you in the driver’s seat online – right where shoppers will be able see your brand and message.