Manage your campaigns successfully with CDK CustomerTouch®

With CustomerTouch you can talk to your customers through either automated communications or customized, Managed Campaigns. CustomerTouch uses five impactful communication methods—direct mail, email, automated voice, text messages, and live voice to reach your targeted customers. See maximum results from integrated and effective customer communications. CustomerTouch delivers better campaigns through:

  • Delivering timely and professional customer communications effortlessly
  • Executing critical customer communications easier through system integration between CDK’s Dealer Management System (DMS) and CRM
  • Profiting from soaring response rates and increased customer satisfaction with time-sensitive, targeted messages
  • Improving dealership processes by automatically sending real-time communication notifications
  • Freeing up employees to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than lengthy campaign management
  • Creating special communications easily with the help of CustomerTouch's Virtual Marketing Representative


Direct mail, email, phone, and mobile marketing : CDK puts it all together with the right mix of CustomerTouch

You know you need to increase sales and service revenue, but creating, sending, and managing campaigns can sometimes be time-consuming and a hassle. CDK’s CustomerTouch helps pull it all together and manage your campaigns, taking the hassle out of the process.

Increased profits

  • Convert your sales customer into a service customer with Sales to Service mailings like “service department introduction” or “schedule your first service”
  • Let your customers know they’re due for service with Service Reminders triggered by time or estimated mileage
  • Get back in touch with prospects who came into your dealership but didn’t make a purchase with Unsold Prospect Follow-Up
  • Create, send, and manage marketing materials with Professionally Managed Marketing Campaigns

Higher service revenues

  • Reduce no-show appointments and abandoned special order parts with Service Notification

Improved CSI scores

  • Send thank you letters and notifications and reminders automatically
  • Remind customers of when satisfaction surveys are due
  • Identify dissatisfied customers with CSI/SSI Follow-Up and take advantage of call guides to address their concern

The benefit of using CDK’s CustomerTouch doesn’t end there. Only CDK gives you all the tools you’ll need to automate your customer communication and see profits, revenue, and satisfaction rise through managed campaigns.

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