Get clean, clear, and quick customer forms: CDK’s F&I eForms Library and F&I LaserStation®


When it comes to selling a vehicle, one of the biggest time-wasters is printing the many required forms. Traditionally, as many as 20 pre-printed, multi-copy forms have to be produced to complete a deal on slow, noisy impact printers. CDK now offers a faster easier solution to help produce these forms -CDK’s F&I eForms Library with LaserStation.

As a F&I LaserStation customer, you gain automatic access to our F&I eForms library from your Dealer Management System (DMS) at no additional charge. You’ll be able to view and order over 300 electronic F&I forms including Provincial, Bank, Insurance and OEM forms. CDK can even add your dealership-specific custom forms to the eForms Library —reducing or even eliminating, the pre-printed ones taking up space in your dealership. Plus you’ll help reduce the number of contracts rejected or possible compliance issues faced by using outdated forms. As new forms become available from your lenders and third-parties, you’re automatically notified, so you can retrieve the latest form keep your deals up-to-date.

Then you can print your customer forms quickly and easily from an CDK LaserStation printer. You’ll print clean and clear forms every time. The LaserStation is so quick that your customers will spend less time in the F&I office, which can help improve CSI. For those F&I forms requiring color, and to further reduce your reliance and pre-printed forms, CDK also offers a Color LaserStation.

Because F&I eForms print to laser printers, you’ll see fewer forms rejected with problems from misaligned pages and other readability issues. In other words, your financing process will get faster and more accurate, improving your customer satisfaction, plus you’ll save you time and money with a more efficient F&I document process.