Are You Mailing Good Information to Bad Addresses?


Revenue generating functions within your dealership rely on customer data. But how accurate is the data in your customer lists? Every day, some portion of your customer base moves, gets married/divorced, or experiences some sort of lifestyle change – but you have not captured these changes.

CDK’s DataFresh is an automated, integrated, data clean up solution that corrects, updates and qualifies address records, tracks customer moves, and appends the information in your lists.

CDK will pull your customer addresses and phone numbers. Those records will be cleaned and appended and then the refreshed data is pushed back into your system.

Comprehensive Data Clean Up

CDK’s DataFresh features superior address hygiene and record matching. DataFresh also updates customer records with “flags” that identify customers who have indicated preferences for how they wish to be contacted, including “Do Not Call” flags.

DataFresh provides key services to help you better leverage one of your most important business assets -- your customer data:

  • Fully automated, and totally integrated to your CDK DMS system.
  • Corrects, updates and qualifies address records, and tracks customer moves.
  • Provides and appends information that can help dealers like you fulfill certain regulatory obligations regarding customer and prospect contact including FTC and State Attorney General “Do Not Call” flags.

With Datafresh, you no longer need to worry about sending your valuable information to addresses that no longer exist.