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ONE-EIGHTY is the unparalleled, internet-delivered Sales & CRM system for Automotive Dealers who want to stand above their competition.

ONE-EIGHTY revolutionizes the way automotive dealers operate to maximize profits through an intuitive process flow. ONE-EIGHTY helps dealerships engage consumers in a transparent buying process that shortens buying cycles and earns more deals all while achieving high staff accountability.

Solution Overview:

  • Customer-engaging sales process
  • Seamless workflow
  • Quality data
  • Accountability

Ultimately helping your customers understand, relax, trust and buy.

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Doing a professional job in your complex business without the proper tools has become increasingly difficult. A system that provides structure to the selling process, reduces complexity, engages customers and provides management control will accelerate your dealership to stand above the competition.

Few systems offer sales workflow, follow-up tracking, traffic control, campaigns, inventory management, desking, F&I tools, and menu selling all in one product. ONE-EIGHTY does it all with proven results for your business:

  • Improved closing ratios
  • Increased accessory sales
  • Diminished discounts
  • Reduced floor plan costs
  • Less errors with costs, rates, residuals, rebates
  • Improved prospect capture
  • Enhanced data to power CRM

The best way to learn what ONE-EIGHTY can do for you is to setup a demo by filling out the Product Information Request form on the right.

ONE-EIGHTY Integrates with over 250 Partners making it the central hub for all of your dealership needs. As a ONE-EIGHTY customer, you’ll have access to setup a number of integrations in the following categories:

  • OEM Integrations
  • Inventory Integrations
  • Incoming Lead Integrations
  • DMS Integrations
  • Deal Export Integration
  • Credit App/eContracting Integrations

To learn more, fill out the Product Information Request form on the right. Our Sales Consultants can answer any questions you have regarding who we currently integrate with.

If there is a partner you’d like to see us integrate with, rest assured that our team will reach out to potential partners as requested by our valued customers to explore the possibilities of an integration relationship.

The System Usage & Value Program (SU&V) will help ensure that you make the most of ONE-EIGHTY. It’s delivered by a dedicated team of Business Process Specialists that will work with you — and your designated in-store Product Advocate — to achieve maximum utilization, and realize the full potential of ONE-EIGHTY.

Your Business Process Specialist will:

  • Use a 30-point inspection to assess system usage on a regular basis
  • Analyze utilization and identify opportunities for optimization
  • Work with your Product Advocate to deliver results
  • Provide regular progress updates and recommendations

“We are achieving great success from our ONE-EIGHTY training. It’s no surprise that my store continues to see growth month over month!”

Hickman Nissan Clarenville


Fill out the Product Information Request form on the right to schedule a demo.

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