Pre-Owned Vehicle Analyzer (PVA)

Take care of your dealership inventory with CDK’s Vehicle Management. We help you sell more new and pre-owned vehicles-for higher profit. Turn vehicles faster than ever to reduce your carrying cost.

Take control of your used vehicle inventory with CDK’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Analyzer

If you could sell more pre-owned cars while carrying less inventory, would you? Of course you would. And now it’s possible with CDK’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Analyzer (PVA).

PVA gives you all the tools you need to take control of your used vehicle inventory. We’ll help you monitor which vehicles sell and which ones don’t, which vehicles have the highest gross profits and acquisition costs, time in inventory, and so on. There’s no data entry required; CDK can access all needed information right from your Dealer Management System (DMS).

You’ll make better decisions about which pre-owned vehicles to purchase, resulting in lower inventory carrying costs and higher gross profits. In fact, CDK clients who use PVA have an increase up to a $232 in gross profit per vehicle, which means PVA can pay for itself in just one sale!

Identify the best vehicles for your pre-owned vehicle inventory mix

With CDK’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Analyzer (PVA), you can respond to sales trends, detect areas of concern, and balance your inventory. Answers to these questions are at your fingertips:

  • How does your current used vehicle inventory compare to sales over the last 60 days? Year?
    • View data based on manufacturer, model, and year
  • Which trade-ins deliver the highest gross profits?
    • Check inventory status by unit cost and source Check

    With PVA, it’s easy to answer those questions, and many others, with our top-line summaries, line item detail, and easy-to-read charts and graphs that let you identify the best vehicles for your pre-owned vehicle mix. PVA pulls all the data from your DMS, so you’ll never have to worry about time-consuming data entry.

    Only PVA from CDK gives you everything you need to improve sales and profitability in your pre-owned vehicle department.