Proactive Maintenance Programs

Plan Ahead to Reduce Costs

The more time you spend on routine maintenance, the less time you have to focus on your core business and your customers. That's why we offer Proactive Maintenance Programs to help save you valuable time.

Save time and money with PC Complete Care

How much time is lost every day dealing with PC problems? What happens if a system goes down? How much do these problems cost your dealership?

Whether you purchased your PCs from us or not, we can help you with one-stop support for every system in your dealership. PC Complete Care gives you one phone number to call for any question or concern, and we will manage day-to-day activities, like anti-virus and Internet connections … all for just pennies a day!

Keep your PCs—and your employees—up and running

You count on your PCs to keep your business running at peak performance. With PC Complete Care, you can count on us to keep your PCs—and your employees—up and running:

Stay in good health with PC Protect: Powered by McAfee®

  • Maintain system security with anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programs—always update automatically when connected to the Internet
  • Help protect against identity thieves and hackers by blocking and removing password crackers and keystroke loggers
  • Scan your systems and automatically remove viruses and spyware
  • Search the Internet safely with SiteAdvisor™, which lets you know if the site is safe to surf
  • Perform regular software updates and health checks, without hiring a team of IT professionals

Fix PCs and connections with on-site hardware repair

  • We will include all necessary materials and a loaner PC if yours breaks
  • Network Connectivity Support keeps your network “up” and you working

Troubleshoot day-to-day problems with Help Desk Support

  • We can help you with Windows®, Internet Explorer® and broken computers
  • Repair connections to the Dealer Management System (DMS) and manufacturer

The best part about PC Complete Care is you have a single phone number to call when you need support. We will get your PCs—and your employees—up and running quickly.

Wish you could have a person in your dealership dedicated to your PCs?

Now you can—virtually. With our Software Deployment Manager Update ( SDMU ) program, we can step in as your "extra person" to help increase the reliability of your PCs. ( CDK software provided via the Software Deployment Manager ).

We will help save you time and money by proactively keeping your PCs that run CDK applications current and up-to-date so you don't have to. It is almost like having an extra employee—letting you focus on taking care of your business and your customers.

A happy customer says:

"Having SDMU has saved me a lot of time, headaches, and long hours. I would recommend SDMU to anyone who has CDK."

Kim Scott, Controller, Bayside Chrysler Dodge Ltd.

CDK's Software Deployment Manager Update program will:

  • Monitor PC Communications to the CDK DMS – Monitor communications to help ensure CDK updates can be received.
  • Recover PCs that Break Communication with the CDK DMS – Recover any PCs that experience a break in communication with the CDK DMS and push CDK software updates when the connection is resumed.
  • Maintain PCs with Current CDK Drive Updates – Monitor and push all needed CDK software updates to your PCs as they become available, to help keep system functional.
  • CDK system checks – Proactively check your CDK system daily for available PC updates.
  • Schedule PC Reboots – Performed by request.
  • New Dealership PCs Loaded with Appropriate CDK Software – Let us know when a new PC is installed, and we will bring it current.
  • PC Inventory Progress Report and Status Email – Our report will specify current summary of reporting PCs and last communication. Will also include email detailing CDK software delivered to PCs within the past month.
  • Direct Contact with an SDMU Specialist – An SDMU Specialist will work directly with you on all tasks.

Sign up today and we will do the rest. Contact us at or 800.819.6941. or fill out the PDF and fax it back to 847.594.6043.

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Eliminate overtime and after hours work with our Software Maintenance Package

Certain computer maintenance tasks are necessary to keep your dealership up and running—but they can be a drain on your employees’ time and your budget. With our Software Maintenance Package (SMP), we can help you eliminate overtime and after hours work associated with software updates and system maintenance.

With SMP, we take care of these upgrades and processes for you, automatically and after hours, when it will not affect your dealership operations. Gone are the overtime hours when new software is released. And gone are the headaches of making sure your dealership is back online before you reopen your doors.

A happy customer says:

"We have been part of your monthly support program for approximately two years, and each of you has exceeded your commitment of superior support to us in the field. I would like to recommend the services of CDK’s National Load Team to all CDK clients."

Robert B Smith, Controller, Jenkins and Wynne Ford

Sign up today and we will do the rest

  • DMS Software Loads and Upgrades: Eliminate “after hours” work, management of electronic media and determining what to load and when. We do the work and ensure post-load patches are completed.
  • File Resizing (FRS): Maintain system performance. We run the FRS routine on your system quarterly, as well as perform a DMS reboot.
  • Reminder Service: Increase productivity. For clients that use the 7-year backup (SBSV) and/or the onboard DSDA mass storage save, CDK will automatically send reminders in order to maintain system access. A biannual history cleanup routine is also available to help keep your DMS clutter-free.
  • PC Updates: Simplify software loads with Software Deployment Manager. We make sure the necessary software for your PCs is distributed and ready to load when you need it. The software is waiting for you to complete the installation, and we help with any conflicts that may arise.

With SMP, eliminate after hours work, overtime, CD inventory management, and last minute rushes to make sure everything is loaded in the right order.

Sign up today and we will do the rest. Contact us at CDK's National Load Center at 800.819.6941 or fill out the PDF and fax it back to 847.594.6043.

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