Software Update Release Information

Two Quick and Easy Ways to Learn More about the Latest CDK Product Releases

Our development teams are constantly striving to improve our solutions, and it's important that you are informed about what those improvements are. Be sure to check back often to see what's new and to get the most from your CDK solutions.

1. From the Help Menu: Release Essentials

Release Essentials is a simple, multi-layered approach to delivering new release information that better serves your needs, delivering targeted knowledge that is relevant to your role in your dealership. Information is available for all dealership departments.

Access Release Essentials from the Help menu in your CDK Drive application.

For more information, view this presentation about Release Essentials.

2. From Service Connect: My Alerts

My Alerts in Service Connect will help keep you informed on the status of any current system updates that impact your dealership. Authorized users will receive support-related alerts, including release notes pertaining to the latest software updates installed on your system.

Alerts are available from the “My Alerts from CDK Support” section of Service Connect.

For more information, view this presentation about Service Connect Alerts.