Smart Support Solutions

We Help Make Life Easier

Your day is already crazy busy. That's why we provide system tools with every Dealer Management System (DMS), which help you manage your daily system maintenance operations, so you have more time to focus on your customers.

Solutions include:

  • Smart System Monitor (SSM)
  • Software Install Agent (SIA)
  • Software Deployment Manager (SDM)
  • Content Delivery

Smart System Monitor keeps an eye on your DMS, 24/7

Smart System Monitor comes standard with your DMS, and continuously, as well as automatically, keeps an eye on it, 24/7, to make sure your system is working properly. Smart System Monitor uses the Activators below to handle specific system events. These Activators have been automatically installed on your CDK DMS*:

  • GFE Detector
  • Low Disk Space Monitor
  • System Error Monitor
  • File Backup Alert

* Smart System Monitor and the Activators require CDK Systems Release 730 or greater.

Remote controls for your PCs

Want to save time?

You can with Software Install Agent* (SIA), which comes standard with your CDK DMS at no additional charge. This system tool helps you easily deploy software throughout your dealership. Did you know it can help save you an average of 20 minutes per PC each time you need to load software? That's almost seven hours in time-savings for a dealership with 20 PCs. Now, you have more time to focus on what is important to your dealership—taking care of your customers.

You are still in control with SIA. It is up to you to schedule all updates and authorize any remote support access to your PCs. SIA just helps you do it with ease. It includes full access and view access options for PC remote control (and you can stop remote access at any time). Make sure this powerful tool is being used in your dealership today. We all need more time!

* Required for CDK Drive

Save time and streamline system administration with our Software Deployment Manager

Our Software Deployment Manager (SDM) lets you install software throughout your dealership from a single location.

Logon from one central location to plan your software load, categorize your PCs, set up the schedule, and deploy your CDK software.

SDM does the work for you:

  • Checks system configurations
  • Downloads installation files
  • Installs new software on multiple workstations
  • Provides task status view
  • Reboots PCs

Get up-to-the-minute information on schedules, device profiles, available software and installation status with Status Panes.

Free, self-paced e-Learning class available on CDK Learning Connect

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Updating your DMS software is easier and faster than ever with CDK's Content Delivery


When it’s time for a DMS software update, you typically would need to wait for a shipment of CDs, put the disk in the drive, etc., then find a place to store stacks of CDs when you are finished. This is no longer true. Content Delivery sends your software updates electronically and right to your DMS. Once you get the release electronically, the update process is essentially the same—just easier and faster than ever.

For low impact releases like year-end, CDK can start the load process on your behalf.