Jessie Hammonds

Jessie Hammonds is a product marketing manager at CDK Global. Jessie is eager to assist dealerships to transform and create continued success in today’s hybrid world.

Jessie Hammonds
Product Marketing Manager
Never before has the need for data privacy and protection been so pressing. Since the pandemic, the workforce has shifted to a more hybrid model, and employers are striving to prioritize being able to work and access data from any location.

The challenge of maintaining your dealership’s cybersecurity extends beyond the technical realm to include a critical layer of personal responsibility. One of the top hazards that dealerships around the nation confront are people and their activities, yet few dealers have a well-developed program to manage this human risk. You might be surprised to learn that 85% of data breaches are caused by the “human element”. So, what can dealers do to help minimize risk?

The pandemic has taught us that flexibility is key. The struggles over the last 2 years have forced consumers to adopt to a new way of purchasing. In our daily lives, online ordering and shopping has become more prevalent than ever. The consumer journey has modernized from what it once was — especially in the auto industry. The dealers that have continued to be successful are adapting to this change by listening to their customers' need for technological collaboration.