Professional Services Group


Navigate the Road Ahead while Increasing Profit, Efficiency and CSI

Professional Services Group works with your dealership to maximize system utilization through personalized mapping of your current dealership state, as well as where you’d like to go.

Our Consultants:

  • Collaborate with you and your team to help align your dealership’s processes and employees with CDK technologies to work more efficiently
  • Have a proven track record and years of real-world dealership experience
  • Fully understand how CDK solutions function in relationship to your everyday business
  • Work with your team to implement the improvements that matter most to you
Professional Services Testimonials

What Professional Services Group can offer

CDK Accelerators help drive results in every area of your dealership.

  • Quarterly Visits with Snapshot
  • Biannual Visits with Snapshot
  • Utilization Evaluation
  • Accounting
  • Controller
  • CDK Desking
  • CDK CRM w/CDK Desking
  • Sales/F&I
  • Parts
  • CDK Service EdgeSM
  • Service/ERO/Tech Workbench

Benchmark your dealership financial performance to improve productivity and decision-making capabilities